about STAFF 

ROLE OF STAFF: Staff have many tasks besides working with students which include the work of keeping the school going: helping to clean it, taking care of public relations, meeting with parents, doing administrative work etc. When staff are not needed by students, they focus on making sure all other aspects of the school’s operations are looked after, or they follow their own passions. Staff’s primary role is to practice non-interference with students. Staff interact with students, talk to them, play with them and care about them, but primarily staff practice “availability without continuous presence”, listening and responding to students’ needs as they arise, but otherwise leaving students to find and create their own way.

Staff are elected because the students of CSS can determine who best serves them. Every Spring, staff members' names go on a secret ballot and eligible students and staff vote to determine which staff members’ contracts will be renewed for the following year. Staff are elected based on their usefulness to the students, how well they fit within the school’s philosophy, and how well they help to manage the school’s affairs.


Greg Keller

Greg has been a parent at Clearview since 2013. His children include one Clearview alumni and three students currently enrolled.  He comes from a career in overly complex computer systems and is known to gadget frequently.  His original purpose for computers was to run flight simulators, which led to his love of flying and experimental aircraft.  He also works on cars and PCs for fun.  Greg has been transitioning to SDE and Horizontal Communication in hopes to help create space for everyone to find their place in our communities.

Shawna Pitts

Shawna spent more than 20 years building a career as a writer in Advertising & Marketing before discovering the Sudbury model and becoming hooked. In her involvement as a parent starting in 2017 and a staff member starting in 2022, she is thrilled to have witnessed many amazing young people grow, thrive, and launch from Clearview. Curious about everything, she enjoys learning and discovering more each day.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Clearview Sudbury School does not discriminate for admissions or employment based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, color, religion, disability, national origin or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, employment policies, financial aid, and any other administered programs and activities.